Tekio Gemu – Martial arts, Dance and Fitness.

Tekio Gemu are a West Midlands (UK) based organisation offering various extra curricular and social activities for educational facilities or social groups. We also run a Clubmark approved Judo club ran from Tekio Gemu Martial Arts Centre, click for details.

Although we specialise in ‘playground friendly’ martial arts classes (Judo and Jujitsu) for schools, we can also facilitate a variety of activities for any group or person. These include dance, personal fitness, combat sports and self defence classes. All classes can be tailored to suit personal needs or goals as well as being adapted to accompany existing programmes such as those focusing on personal development or self confidence. Our services are also perfect for before or after School clubs. For more information please see the ‘Contact us‘ section to contact one of our staff or continue reading.

Our standards.
All organisations have pride in their standards, however this can be hard to measure or compare with limited knowledge of the service in question. This is why Tekio Gemu focus on working with governing body organisations such as the British Judo Association and UK Sport. All of our coaches and instructors have the required qualifications such as valid;
*Child protection qualifications
*First aid qualifications
*In date DBS check
*Governing body coaching award or equivalent qualification
*Relevant public liability insurance
Where possible we also provide our coaches with pre-approved lesson plans which have been reviewed by our senior coaches. Please see our testimonials section for past references.

Core products.
Judo: Judo is a Martial Art and combat sport which focuses on grappling and does not allow strikes. It is also an Olympic sport and is unified under the British Judo Association who affiliate to the International Judo Federation. For these reasons Judo is widely taught in schools, college’s and many universities have their own Judo team. It allows for many opportunities with qualifications awarded by UK Sport. The British Judo centre of excellence is also based in the west midland and home to many funded full time athletes.

Jujitsu: A traditional Japanese form of self defence from which the Martial Arts Karate, Aikido and Judo derive. Our School lesson plans focus on defensive techniques rather than strikes or aggressive forms of attack and aim to teach a common sense approach to self defence. Many school pupils who take part in our Judo or Jujitsu classes or courses take up Judo or Jujitsu outside of school. The ways in which they benefit include increased fitness, self confidence, focus, discipline, coordination, extra curricular opportunities and also gain a positive social circle via their martial arts club.

Dance: From contemporary to Bollywood, we can tailor our dance classes to suit. These can be for one off open days or can run for a longer time and build up to a performance at your School or club. Also perfect for after school clubs and arts evenings.

Fitness classes: These can be for school fitness clubs or can introduce PE students to personal training or a range of different fitness classes. Our fitness classes also aim to educate students on the wide variety of carers that can open up through sports coaching qualifications. This includes insight into popular modern training methods such as high intensity interval training (HIIT), combat fitness, metafit and body pump classes.

Anything else: We can cater for a wide range of clubs or activities. Please contact us for more information or with any questions.

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